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WildestFacts.com is the place for people fascinated by our incredible and weird world!

We publish fascinating science, history and wild animal facts from all over the planet with a focus on scientific veracity and novelty.

For example: Did you know there are freshwater sharks? Or that some snails can bite through solid clam shells? Curious about which chemical melts glass? Could you recognize a deadly pinecone?

Our Purpose


As a science blog and entertainment website, we dig out fascinating facts from the archives and frontiers of scientific, biological and cultural knowledge.

Your virtual guide is site founder, explorer and scientist Christopher Stephens, MSc. from British Columbia, Canada who brings his research experience to offer you the best facts. Christopher's experiences include mapping remote wetlands in BC, exploring historic sites in China, finding rare birds in American deserts and breeding clone crayfish.

What we Offer


At WildestFacts.com, our focus is knowledge. We will let you in on the fascinating facts you always wanted to know, share with your friends or use to outsmart a friendly rival!

We ask you to enjoy our frequently updated WildFacts Blog and share links to our fascinating posts! Learn, discover and help us educate!

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